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Valley RFC Workout for the HKRU Club Fitness Challenge

By Grant Beuzeval
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Valley RFC challenges all other clubs in the HKRU Club Fitness Challenge with a fitness challenge and a skill challenge. Valley Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ryan Campbell, demonstrates the exercises. Valley Men's and Women's Premiership players, Whiria Meltzer and Claudia McMeekin then execute the sets and record the scores. Part A | Fitness Challenge Complete the following routine 3 times with 1 min rest between each set. Your score is your total time taken. 1. The Happy Valley Bar and Grill high knees x 40 (for minutes in each half of rugby) 2. The Swire Properties (Taikoo Place) sit ups x 21 (number of Valley Premiership Women's league wins + grand final wins) 3. The TV5 Monde twists x 30 (number of Valley rugby teams) 4. The Societe Generale squats x 46 (Valley is entering is 46th season of rugby) 5. The Mayer Brown burpees x 15 (players in a team) 6. The NTT tricep dips x 32 (number of Valley Men's Premiership leagues wins and grand final wins) Whiria and Claudia's workout time was 11m:22s Part B | Skills Challenges Complete as many reps of the below challenges in 30 seconds. 1. Kerry Hotel skill challenge 1 - Pass ball between legs - side to side 2. Swire Beverages (Bon Aqua) skill challenge 2 - Pass ball between legs - front to back Whiria completed 61 reps of skill challenge 1 and 56 reps of skill challenge 2 Good luck! Claudia completed 35 reps of skill challenge 1 and 37 reps of skill challenge 2