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EP6 - The Horse of Course | The Valley Everest Challenge

By Grant Beuzeval
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On 27th June, Valley rugby, hockey and netball players will attempt to climb Ladder Street 1,000+ times over a 12 hour period as part of pre-season training but also in an attempt to raise awareness and funds for two important charities that have been hit hard by COVID - Feeding Hong Kong and Harmony House. We speak with Gabrielle Kirstein, Founder and CEO of Feeding Hong Kong, and Daisy Chui, Board Member of Harmony House and Valley Fort mum, to learn more about these amazing organisations and how they help the people of Hong Kong. And Men's Premiership rugby team S&C Coach, Ryan Campbell drops in from Ladder Street. Visit the website to read more about the event, make a donation or sign up to participate https://www.valleyrfc.com/calendar/event/fundraiser--the-valley-everest-4x-challenge-472604 Give it a whirl