EP17 | The Horse of Course | Helping the Helpers - How Sport Is Boosting Inclusion

By Grant Beuzeval
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In collaboration with Mayer Brown, Valley RFC hosted an inspiring conversation with Khaz and Rica who play rugby for the Societe Generale Valley 'Red Ladies' team. They also happen to work in the city as foreign domestic helpers, that make up a workforce of 370,000 predominantly female Filipino and Indonesian migrant workers Together with Valley RFC COO, Grant Beuzeval, Khaz and Rica talk about the challenges they face and how an inclusive sporting environment has created for them a sense of confidence, acceptance and self-expression in Hong Kong. David Ellis, partner at Mayer Brown Hong Kong, chimes in to explain the pro bono work that the firm provides, specifically in the space charity registrations. MB is currently assisting Valley RFC with the set up of our own charity - the Valley Foundation. Please enjoy!