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New Signing: Rob Fogerty Joins Valley RFC

New Signing: Rob Fogerty Joins Valley RFC

By Grant Beuzeval
13 July
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Exciting young midfielder, a former England Counties U20 and Philippines Volcanoes captain, to join the Valley in August.

Worst advice? Get a haircut in the Philippines
Rob Fogerty | New Guy

Please give a warm Valley family welcome to Rob Fogerty. He's a Rugby Sevens gold medal winner of the South East Asia Games when he skippered the Volcanoes to victory on home turf in 2019.

Get to know Foggy just a little bit better with this quickfire Q&A.

1. Name: Rob Fogerty

2. Age: 23

3. Nickname: Foggy

4. Born: Brighton, England

5. Profession: Teaching

6. Position: Centre

7. Height: 179cm

8. Weight: 98kg

9. Worst rugby habit: Fixing my hair after any sort of contact

10. Best rugby habit: Time I spend watching rugby

11. Favourite rugby player: Semi Radrada

12. Favourite sportsperson: Tyson Fury

13. Best rugby moment: Making my debut for the Philippines back in 2018 and having my mums family watch who prior to that I’d never met in 21 years

14. Best rugby tour: Bournemouth 7’s

15. Best advice ever received: Back yourself

16. Worst advice ever received: Get a haircut in the Philippines

17. Favourite movie?: Toss up between The Blindside and The Grey

18. Favourite musician: Sam Smith

19. What do you know about Hong Kong? 150,000 Filipinos residing in HK. Hosts the most prestigious international 7’s tournament in the world

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