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Conquering New Heights: Valley Everest Challenge 4.0 Raises the Bar for Charity

Conquering New Heights: Valley Everest Challenge 4.0 Raises the Bar for Charity

Valley RFC2 Sep - 09:59
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Friends and supporters of the Valley Foundation take on the Valley Everest Challenge 4.0.

Last weekend friends and supporters of the Valley Foundation embarked on a remarkable feat of strength, endurance, and determination with the Valley Everest Challenge 4.0.

In this extraordinary event, participants were tasked with continuously climbing the iconic Shing Wong Street steps for a grueling 24 hours. The event witnessed an awe-inspiring display of resilience and camaraderie as Valley RFC members, friends, supporters, and sponsors came together to conquer a staggering total of 34 Everests, surpassing all expectations and leaving an indelible mark on the event.

The Shing Wong Street steps, known for their steep incline, stood as a symbolic representation of the daunting challenge ahead. Participants were required to ascend and descend the steps continuously for a relentless 24-hour period, putting their stamina, perseverance, and unwavering spirit to the ultimate test.

Beyond the physical and personal achievements of the event, the Valley Everest Challenge exists to have a profound impact on the Valley Foundation in supporting its community and charitable causes. The event served as a platform to raise funds and awareness for the Valley Foundation’s charitable initiatives, enabling them to further its philanthropic efforts and contribute to the betterment of society and sport in Hong Kong.

A huge thank you and congratulations to all participants that took part and contributed to the event. A special congratulations goes to the following:

  • Team with the most ascents in 1 hour: Valley Mavericks Rugby; 358 ascents

  • Best individual male climber in 1 hour: Louis Montfort (Societe Generale); 29 ascents

  • Best individual female climber in 1 hour: Katrina Roszynski (Womens Rugby), Alice Magowan (Pinnacle Performance), Emily Faulkner (Netball) 25 ascents

  • Most individual climbs overall: Tanya Young (Womens Rugby); 42 ascents

See you all at next years event for more record breaking ascents!

Donations can still be made at

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