What insurance coverage does the club/HKRU provide for rugby players?

Valley RFC provides public liability insurance only.

HKRU provides;

  • Catastrophic Insurance for all registered senior players and “named” professional players which covers death and permanent disability and third party accidents
  • Medical Insurance to all U14-19 players

What are my responsibilities regarding insurance?

All Hong Kong Identity Card holders can receive emergency treatment at Hong Kong public hospitals.

Players on Working Holiday Visa (WHV) may have to make co-payment when visiting a public hospital but should all have their own medical insurance in order to apply for the WHV.

It is recommended that players seek their own private insurance for peace of mind. If you require a non-urgent medical procedure it may take many months on a waiting list to be processed. With private insurance you have a lot more control over the timing of your treatment and choice of specialist/clinic.

What do when injured?

The HKRU advises the following injury protocols on it's website - https://www.hkrugby.com/pages/injury-protocols

The club has relationships and discounts with various medical practitioners. See MEMBERSHIP CARD BENEFITS under the Information section of the website.

Who can I contact about insurance?

Send an email to info@valleyrfc.com