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Valley Welcomes James Craig to the Family

Valley Welcomes James Craig to the Family

By Grant Beuzeval
3 September
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Mooloo man arrives to start a new chapter in Hong Kong

Chicken should not be cooked in the microwave from frozen. Apparently.
James Craig

Get to know James, just a little bit, with this quick Q&A, submitted from lockdown in the Valley flat with Luke.

Name - James Craig

Age - 24

Nickname - None (yet)

City of Birth - Hamilton, New Zealand

Profession - Digital Marketer

Position - Hooker

Height - 1.84cm

Weight - 104kg

Worst rugby habit - Tackling with the wrong shoulder

Best rugby habit - Always putting my hand up to take contact

Favourite rugby player - Dane Coles (known in the Waikato as "The Grub")

Favourite sportsperson - Stipe Miocic

Best rugby moment - Coming back from 14-0 in our 2013 final with a penalty on full time

Best rugby tour - Stags 7’s 2016-2017

Best advice ever received - Stags 7’s 2016-2017

Worst advice ever received - Chicken can be cooked in the microwave from frozen

What do you know about Hong Kong? - It’s work hard play hard with emphasis on play hard

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